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WELCOMEwelcome to Chatham Business Association Small Business Development Inc.



Inspired by Growth, Pride and Support, prevalent in Chatham, several local businessmen formed the Chatham Business Association in 1972 in order to satisfy the Community’s desire to invest in, nurture and protect the Chatham Community.  The stated purpose was to “band together to foster, create and explore those plans and programs that will ensure stability and growth of our business communities.” 

CBASBDI maintains a small business Development Center and Local Development Corporation, certified by the Small Business Administration, to assist area businesses in securing funds for acquisitions, expansion and renovation of business properties.

The Chatham Business Association Small Development Inc. proudly celebrates over 38 years of community excellent service and commitment to our members.


The mission of the Chatham Business Association Small Business Development Inc is to provide a viable and effective business association to enhance social, political, and economic growth within our community.  Create opportunities, inroads and programs to benefit and ensure the prosperity, economic strength and excellence of service in Chatham and its surrounding communities.


  • Location Negotiations for New Businesses
  • Sub-Contractors Bonding and Financial Credit lines Negotiations
  • Represented Manufacturers and Vendors with Major retailers for shelf space
  • Employment Negotiations for Neighborhood Residents with Major Retailers
  • Commercial Banking Negotiations using our Financial Partners
  • CBA Juniors Entrepreneur Mentorship Program
  • Community Clean-Up Program
  • Adult Literacy Program “Between The Pages”
  • Collaborative Business Welcome Program
  • Negotiate Procurement Opportunities
  • Negotiate Small Business Grants for Business Improvement