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Chatham Cash

Welcome to Chatham’s Local BUY Campaign!

Get Started:

  • Download BlackCoin App from Apple or Google Play
  • Register/Create your user profile as a consumer on BlackCoin app
  • Enroll in the Chatham Local Buy Campaign (Enrollment can be found by clicking the Business Profile within the BlackCoin app or via the Chatham Business Association's promotions).
  • Find promotions- goto BlackCoin app to browse promotion feeds to see offers by businesses participating in the Chatham Local Buy Campaign.
  • Start shopping with the participating businesses (online and in-store)
  • Upload receipts using the BlackCoin App
  • See ChathamCash Reward Guildlines
  • Receive your VISA/MASTER CARD debit card for the reimbursement you earned- (Debit card can be used anywhere)
  • Tell a friend and shop - redeem - repeat!


  • Eligible participants will receive cash reimbursements in the form of a Visa/Master Gift Card. All spending by participating shoppers will be recorded and tracked through the BlackCoin App to be eligible for cash reimbursements. Cash reimbursement is only applicable to registered shoppers that make purchases at participating businesses within the SSA #51 boundaries. 

  • Final cash reimbursements will be calculated seven days (7) after the campaign term using the Black Coin App. Payments in the form of Visa/Mastercard gift cards will mailed via the United States Postal System, (USPS) GROUND to registered participants who earned a reward.


Amount Spent Cash Rewards
Tier 1 Spend $51 - $109 Cash Reward $20
Tier 2 Spend $110 - $139 Cash Reward $30
Tier 3 Spend $140 - $169 Cash Reward $40
Tier 4 Spend $170 - $199 Cash Reward $50
Tier 5 Spend $200 - $499 Cash Reward $60
Tier 6 Spend $500 - $999 Cash Reward $100
Tier 7 Spend $1000 - $2999 Cash Reward $200
Tier 8 Spend $3000 - $4999 Cash Reward $300
Tier 9 Spend $5000 + Cash Reward $500
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