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CBA JUNIORS is a youth community organizing and leadership development initiative that focuses on increasing youth participation and voice in public policies and decision-making that economically affects our lives and education. We need to partnership with surrounding local community businesses.

These businesses survive from our families' patronage. It is appropriate that these businesses teach us about public policy and how we can, positively or negatively, influence public policy to ensure we become successful adults within the community.

Public policy makers affect our ability to finance a higher education, get a job, buy a home or open and operate a business to provide us with mentorship, jobs and program participation opportunities that we otherwise might not have access to due to our families' circumstances.

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Dear Potential Board Member:

CHATHAM BUSINESS ASSOCIATION JUNIORS (CBA JUNIORS) is seeking sincere, dynamic and motivated individuals to join our Board. We invite you to examine the attached information. Your participation at this meeting shows you are interested in being an elected official and servicing on this board. CBA JUNIORS board will determine our own success, creates programs, jobs, and opportunities tailored to our own needs, supported by our community.


Melinda Kelly
CBA Youth Volunteer


CBA Juniors board Members Expectations

  1. Attend 8 of 12 regular meetings.

  2. Prepare for each meeting by reading distributed materials.

  3. Serve on at least one comittee.

  4. Participate in proceedings.

  5. Familiarize self with all programs and volunteers, current and proposed.

  6. Recruit and mentor new members.

  7. Prepare and train your replacement to run for an elected official on the board.

  8. Solicit financial and other support through CBA Juniors organized fundraising efforts.

  9. Share personal resources and talents with CBA Juniors.

  10. Serve and assist at least one committee.

  11. Set a superior example within the community.

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