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IT Ambassadors mission is to cultivate vibrant communities by connecting business owners with the tools to increase their Access, Technology and Marketing.


The IT Ambassadors program was piloted in 2013 with the goal in mind to incorporate youth expertise in technology with entrepreneur’s business savvy. The IT Ambassadors are trained at-risk Chicago Youth (16-24 years of age) who are focused on establishing an effective online presence for existing businesses in Chicago.  They provide technology and marketing services to Small businesses, Chambers and agencies.  Services include outreach, data colllection, reporting, assessments, communication, vacancy logs, IT training, IT development and IT management.

Since 2013, CBA has trained a total of 34 youth to become IT Ambassadors.

Services include:

  • Outreach - Market events, meetings, programs to specific businesses, clients or boundaries
  • Data Collection - Collect Contact Information (Contact Name, Phone Number, Address, Email, Website etc.), Complete Intake Surveys
  • Reports - Compile data into reports with graphics and charts, Reports include: Annual or Program Reports, Technology Assessment Report, Vacant Property Report
  • Technology Assessment - Technology and marketing assessment (includes assessment of email, internet, SEO, website, and social media, smart business technology)
  • Communications - Contact customber base to inform about upcoming events, meetings and/or promotions
  • Vacancy Log - Collect information on vacant properties, storefronts and lots (information includes contact name, address, zoning, PIN), Photos of Vacant Property, Vacancy Mapping (Figure Ground Map)
  • Technology Training - Includes training on Email Branding, Social Media Marketing, Smart Business Technology, and Website Development
  • Technology Development and/or Management - Includes Development and/or management of Email Management System, Social Media, and Website

IT Ambassador Reports 

questions icon If you have any questions about the IT Ambassadors, Marketing or Technology please contact Samia Malik at 773-994-5006 ext. 1005 or samiamalik@cbaworks.org

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